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Industrial Craftsmanship

Dedicated to our craft and a shared passion for quality and innovation, Petratec helps institutions envision pivotal projects that translate into meaningful products with lasting value.

Petratec’s strong in-house engineering capabilities form the cornerstone on which we are able to design and built innovative solutions to enhance our customer’s requirement. These enable Petratec to transform design concepts to reality, and at the same time achieving greater output efficiency and product quality consistency in the production process.

Our Expertise


Petratec is able to provide early involvement and collaboration services on new product, working hand in hand throughout product realization.


Our team of highly dedicated and skilled professionals delivers engineered solutions of the highest quality through our commitment to absolute precision.


Our prototyping capability helps clients develop and evaluate new project quickly and economically. It serves as a starting point for any downstream manufacturing.


Petratec has a strong sourcing team for procurement of the highest quality parts at the most economical prices at the shortest delivery lead-time.


We practice LEAN manufacturing techniques to meet quality, delivery and technical requirements while remaining competitive.


Petratec’s in-house assembly team, coupled with robust manufacturing capabilities provides flexibility in today’s fast-changing and reactive market.


We work closely with our customers to explore new test techniques specific to their challenges and provide effective and comprehensive solutions.


Petratec aims to be a one stop service for the client from the beginning of the project till the delivery to the client’s customer location.

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