About Petratec

Building together since 1982

Humble Beginnings

Petratec was founded in 1982 as a small local workshop to service the engineering sector. Over the years, Petratec has continually grown our resources, and strengthening our position to provide innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Turning Point

In 1996, Petratec successfully managed to enter into the medical industry by providing precision machining services for medical components and subsequently other services such as precise assembly and testing. Petratec has since become one of the most highly respected medical product assembly company in Asia.

Our Promise

Our values guide our behaviours. With more than 30 years of experience, Petratec built success through pursuit of excellence, hard work and innovation.

  • Petratec develops a competent workforce united in delivering performance excellence as a team and as a Company.
  • Petratec works on continuous improvement in the task we perform as a team and as a Company.
  • Petratec innovates and takes initiative to continually improve as a team and as a Company.

Built to Exceed

We provide our clients with innovative solutions that help them achieve competitive advantages in their businesses.

We enhance customer confidence with the latest technology, innovation and continuous improvement.

We ensure quality, reliability and consistency at every stage of the process to achieve customer satisfaction.

The best team for your manufacturing needs

At Petratec, we aim to cater to our customer’s specific requirements by providing seamless support to all your engineering and manufacturing needs, leaving you to focus on what your business does best.

Our Services